discovering art- yes, art!

i never was a fan of art, in particular the weird paintings which some people refer as ‘art’. even from my schooling days i was a student who take marks for art subject in the lower side; at times-the lowest. i remember until we get the arts results (most often it came last) i’m usually the 1st in the class, and with arts results which went like 36-22-19, it dragged my rank in to a deep slope down by 2-3 numbers. this was a familiar situation for me, so it had made my mind ready to accept whatever comes in. arts became my most hated subject, and to make it worse, the arts period at school became a nightmare for me. my paintings-be it in pencil, pastel or watercolor, which never had any ‘art’ in them and i had been punished by the arts teacher number of times, not for any bad reason, (in my opinion), but sometimes for not bringing the pastels or water colors or for not completing an arts assignment at home.

every-time when i see weird paintings, i knew that they are some pieces of art, as some people referred to them, and never made any comment against as i could not understand anything’s behind these pieces of work. but i have seen some staring at them for hours, may be because they see something inside the colors, or because those colors might be taking them to some weird imaginations of their minds. (which i think is great :)) and of course, i could understand some people just want to hang them on their walls, offices, or in show them off in public that they own – for no reason, i also agree that this adds some artistic-philosophic or some kind of unique badge on whatever  the thing they display.

one day, after having a mild argument with my wife, (i mean a little heated- mild) when i’m sitting at the couch after dinner, while she finishes (we used to wait until the other finishes) i had nothing else to do till she finish. something interesting caught my eye: this was a bookmark from some book store nearby, and had some drawings of colored circles triangles and rectangles on it. this was there for days but until that evening, i never notice anything specific about it. i kept looking at it and i felt that those circles are moving, yes – moving. and taking me somewhere i had never been to, for my amusement, it made me stare at them for minutes. and i thought these weird pieces of shapes indeed have an inner meaning in them. still i’m unable to understand what exactly that is, but frankly i felt that there’s something specific about them. and that’s how i discovered ‘art’.

then my imagination went on and on, i knew little by little i’m becoming an artist (i loved the feeling!) , and thought of the great artists like rembrant or picasso- how their minds got into that weird way of thinking. then suddenly i discovered something else, that they also might have had those less-loved, argumental times of their relationships which made their minds think a little weird, as it happened to me for the first time. amazing isn’t it?

i still could not clear my mind off this way of how relationships could evoke the inner creativity of people!


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